Ryo Murakami

Ryo Murakami was a cinematographer based in New York City. He traveled the world capturing awe-inspiring images of people and events with his unique sensibility. Those of us who experienced his work have witnessed his uncanny knack for finding the truth through his lens, as if teaching us how to perceive and appreciate our world.

With tremendous talent, and tremendous heart, Ryo left us on June 29th, 2013, due to an infection caused by a severe strain of Malaria contracted while shooting in Liberia. Our grief is heavy, as we all knew that Ryo was at the forefront of still greater and greater success.

This website is dedicated to sharing his work and offering a forum for those who loved and admired him to stay connected to him and the images he dedicated his life to. It serves as a continuous working compendium of his life, with an eye toward his children and their future.

The website will be updated with galleries and compilations of Ryo's work. Thereafter, it will serve as homebase for news of his work and related information.

Please stay connected.




Please stay connected.